Q - I just paid, when do I get my order?

A - We'll do our very best to get your stuff out to you the day after you pay for it but we have 'proper' jobs too so sometimes you might have to wait a few days for us to ship your items. Thanks for understanding.

- - - 

Q - I live in London, can I collect my purchases from you or meet you somewhere?

A - Nah bruh. Just nah. We appreciate your support but we really can only do this efficiently by post. 

- - - 

Q - Do you really make all the stuff yourselves?

A - The printing is outsourced but all the designing and sewing is done at our home in South East London.

- - - 

Q - Item X is 'SOLD OUT', when will you have some more?

A - Maybe soon, maybe never. All our stuff is strictly limited and we like it that way.

We sometimes make fresh runs of items so check back.

 Do be warned though, that we NEVER re-print t-shirts. Once they're gone, they're gone.

- - - 

Q - Can you make me item X with some custom features?

A - Maybe. Drop us an email and we'll see what we can do.

- - -

Q - I bought two items and they're slightly different. Why is that?

A - All our products are hand made. There are no sweatshops and factories involved. As such they have character flaws and nuances that we think give them their charm.